Gentleman Overboard

10 / 2021
Lecturas en lenguas extranjeras


Out of print for over seventy years, Gentleman Overboard by Herbert Clyde Lewis is being rescued for todays readers to launch Boiler House Presss new series, Recovered Books. Halfway between Honolulu and Panama, a man slips and falls from a ship. For crucial hours, as he patiently treads water in hope of rescue, no one on board notices his absence. By the time the ships captain is notified, it may be too late to save him... Rediscovered in 2009 by Brad Bigelow as part of tireless research for his popular Neglected Books website, Gentleman Overboard has since achieved the status of a cult classic and even become something of an international phenomenon, having seen translations into Spanish, Hebrew, and Dutch. The newspaper Haaretz has called it A miniature masterpiece that emerged from oblivion; the Spanish magazine El Cultural dubbed it una perlita: a little pearl. A masterful piece of narrative tension, and way ahead of its time, Gentleman Overboard sets the question of existence in its most basic terms. Th