Dear Female Founder

09 / 2016
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I love every story in this book and can?t wait to share it with my own daughter. ? Sherry Coutu CBE? Dear Female Founder is a personal, inspirational and at times a deeply moving read. I wish it had existed when I started my own entrepreneurial journey ? it would have saved me a lot of time and heartache! ? Sarah Wood OBE? I wish I had access to a resource like that when I set up my first business 15 years ago. Everyone should read it regardless of gender. ? Wendy Tan White MBE? Dear Female Founder lets you learn from the experience, emotional ups and downs and the wisdom gained by those who have done it before you. The stories make it real in a way no other book has. ? Gil Penchina? Dear Female Founder is as inspiring as it is honest. A must read if you are thinking about taking the journey into the world of startup or want to inspire the next generation of female founders that they can do it too. ? Kathryn Parsons? A unique blend of encouragement, wisdom and practical insights, shared by remarkable female entrepreneurs. Whether you?re a budding female entrepreneur or an intrapreneur within a bigger co